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Developmental Education Reform to Improve Student Outcomes: Findings From Four Evaluations

Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness (SREE) Annual Conference
March 07, 2019
Washington, DC

This symposium strove to expand the developmental education research base by featuring findings from four evaluations. Because research teams are carrying out the evaluations in close coordination with policymakers, each has the potential to inform future policy decisions, and two are already influencing policy implementation at the state level.

The symposium addressed these issues:

  1. How can colleges accurately assess students for placement into (and out of) developmental education in order to promote academic success?
  2. Which developmental education reform strategies are effective in facilitating students’ success in subsequent coursework and completion of college?
  3. What are the impacts of developmental education reform for historically underrepresented student groups?


Senior Research Scholar
Community College Research Center
Elizabeth Zachry Rutschow
Research Associate
James Benson
Program Officer, Policy and Systems Division
Institute of Education Sciences
Paco Martorell
Associate Professor
Christine Mokher
Associate Professor
Florida State University
Christopher M. Mullin
Strong Start to Finish

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