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Takeshi Yanagiura, Senior Research Assistant

Takeshi Yanagiura has more than a decade of experience in higher education policy analysis. Most recently, he served as director of research at Postsecondary Analytics LLC, a higher education consulting firm specializing in quantitative and qualitative research in state, federal, and institutional policy. Yanagiura was responsible for helping clients develop sustainable, research-based strategies to serve more students, increase their rates of success, and manage costs.

Prior to joining Postsecondary Analytics, Yanagiura held a number of positions. He developed the institutional research office for the new community college of the University of the District of Columbia and contributed to improving the capacity for analysis and reporting at the college. He served as research director for the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, where he was instrumental in the development of the research base for the state’s outcomes-based funding formula, master plan for higher education, and state scholarship reforms. He worked for the State Higher Education Executive Officers, where he compiled the State Higher Education Finance study. Yanagiura has spoken and consulted on evidence-based decision-making with more than 20 institutions in Japan, where he is originally from.

Yanagiura has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Soka University, Japan, and a master’s degree in higher education from the University of Minnesota. He is currently a doctoral student in economics and education at Teachers College, Columbia University.