Nicolas Acevedo

Senior Research Assistant

Nicolas Acevedo is a senior research assistant at CCRC. He conducts research on returns and choice in higher education, and his research interests include the determinants of investments in human capital at the postsecondary level, its labor market returns, and its spillover effects on the economy and society.

Prior to joining CCRC, Acevedo was a research assistant at the Center for Studies in Economic Development (CEDE) in the Department of Economics at Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Colombia. At CEDE, he studied the effect of teacher quality and accountability on high school student outcomes in Colombia, conducted impact evaluations of technical education on labor market outcomes, and researched the socioeconomic and academic determinants of persistence and retention in Colombian higher education. He was also previously a research assistant at the School of Government at Universidad de los Andes, where he worked on the role of human capital in public sector effectiveness.

Acevedo is currently pursuing a PhD in economics and education at Teachers College, Columbia University. He holds a BA and an MA in economics and an MPP from Universidad de los Andes.