Mindy Rosengarten

PEAR Fellow

Mindy Rosengarten is pursuing a PhD in developmental psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University with Tyler Watts and Kimberly Noble as her advisors. Rosengarten is interested in how the home environment and public policies shape children’s school readiness. She is also interested in whether early education supports both children’s academic trajectories and parents’ economic stability. As a PEAR fellow, Rosengarten intends to examine how access to free early education may support parents’ enrollment in community college and whether early education supports children’s future pursuit of higher education.

Previously, Rosengarten was a research coordinator at Boston Children’s Hospital’s Brazelton Touchpoints Center, where she supported evaluations of grants targeting early education, maternal health, and family economic stability. Earlier, Rosengarten was a preschool teacher in Boston.

Rosengarten holds a BA in psychological and brain sciences from Washington University in St. Louis and an MA in child study and human development from Tufts University.