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JUNE 2016

Does Developmental Education Improve Labor Market Outcomes? Evidence From Two States

Using longitudinal student-unit record data linked to wage record data, this paper estimates the labor market returns to developmental credits versus college-level credits in two states.


Three Accelerated Developmental Education Programs: Features, Student Outcomes, and Implications

This study examines three developmental acceleration programs—two in English and one in math—and finds that accelerated students were more likely to complete the relevant college-level course within 3 years.

JUNE 2014

The Effects of English as a Second Language Courses on Language Minority Community College Students

This study uses a difference-in-differences approach to identify the impact of ESL compared with developmental writing at an urban community college system.

MARCH 2014

An Examination of the Impact of Accelerating Community College Students' Progression Through Developmental Education

This journal article examines the impact of acceleration on access, performance, credit accumulation, and degree attainment at CUNY.


Why Students Do Not Prepare for Math Placement Exams: Student Perspectives

Based on survey and focus group data from four community colleges, this research brief discusses why many students who go on to enroll in developmental math are unlikely to prepare for the math placement exam.

JULY 2013

Improving Students' College Math Readiness: A Review of the Evidence on Postsecondary Interventions and Reforms

This CAPSEE working paper reviews current research on the effectiveness of interventions and reforms that seek to improve the math preparedness and success of high school students entering college.

MAY 2013

The Opposing Forces That Shape Developmental Education: Assessment, Placement, and Progression at CUNY Community Colleges

Based on a case study of the City University of New York's six community colleges, this publication identifies the conflicting motivations that shape developmental education reform efforts.

APRIL 2013

Tracking Student Progression Through the Core Curriculum

This publication, the second in CCRC’s Analytics series, examines the progression of community college students in transfer-oriented programs through the general education core curriculum.


Improving Developmental Education Assessment and Placement: Lessons From Community Colleges Across the Country

This paper describes a range of approaches to improving poor course placement accuracy and inconsistent standards associated with traditional assessment and placement practices at community colleges.


Reforming Mathematics Classroom Pedagogy: Evidence-Based Findings and Recommendations for the Developmental Math Classroom (Assessment of Evidence Series)

This paper reviews the evidence base for pedagogical reforms in the developmental mathematics classroom, examining the theoretical and empirical evidence on six innovative instructional approaches.