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Multiple Measures Assessment Project

July 2016−June 2018

Students who place into developmental education are substantially less likely to graduate from college than students who do not. Yet studies have shown that standard placement tests are inaccurate and place too many students into developmental courses. In response, many colleges are redesigning their placement systems to use multiple measures to determine if students need remediation. In this project, CCRC and MDRC are working with colleges in Minnesota and Wisconsin to build and evaluate high quality multiple measures assessment (MMA) systems. The researchers are providing technical assistance to two clusters of colleges in Minnesota and Wisconsin to optimize an approach to placing students in math, reading and English using high school records and non-cognitive assessments. They are also documenting the design and implementation of the MMA systems to provide guidance to other colleges hoping to undertake similar initiatives.

This project is funded by the Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation.


JUNE 2017
Multiple Measures Assessment and Placement in SUNY Colleges: A “Data Analytics” Approach
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JULY 2016
Moving Beyond the Placement Test: Multiple Measures Assessment
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