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CCRC Reflections: The Center 20 Years Later

This essay by Jim Jacobs is the seventh in a series of short essays by former CCRC staff members who share thoughts about their time working at the Center. These essays will be posted on our website throughout CCRC’s 20th anniversary year.

CCRC in the News
AUGUST 22, 2016
LI's High-Volume Community Colleges Face Tough Mandate

In Newsday, Davis Jenkins talks about the importance of providing structured pathways to a degree for community college students.

AUGUST 22, 2016
Stuck at Square One: College Students Increasingly Caught in Remedial Education Trap

A documentary by APM Reports explores how remedial courses often fail to help students—particularly students of color—progress to college-level courses. The story draws on several CCRC research studies.

AUGUST 18, 2016
Speeding It Up

Community College Week writes about the growing body of evidence supporting efforts to encourage students to take more credits early in college, including a recent CCRC study.

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