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Dr. Jill Biden Calls for Research to Understand Student Lives in Address at CCRC 20th Anniversary

In her keynote presentation at CCRC's 20th anniversary event, Dr. Jill Biden emphasized the need for researchers to "document the lived experience of our students" and for colleges to offer wraparound services.

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DECEMBER 06, 2016
The Case Against Oversimplified Accountability

Inside Higher Ed writes about Veronica Minaya and Judith Scott-Clayton's new study on various labor market metrics and how they might sway state and federal accountability rankings for colleges.

NOVEMBER 15, 2016
Free Summer Courses and Completion

Davis Jenkins argues community colleges should offer students compressed, coherent, predictable ways to take as many courses as possible to maintain momentum toward a degree in this Inside Higher Ed story about Alamo Colleges' plan to offer free summer classes to some students.

NOVEMBER 08, 2016
Community Colleges as Pathways to Baccalaureate Attainment: Benefits, Obstacles, and Policy Implications

Di Xu writes in The EvoLLLution about her recent research with Shanna Smith Jaggars and Jeffrey Fletcher on obstacles in the way of community college students seeking to transfer and potential policy responses.

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