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Remembering Norton Grubb, Our Esteemed Friend and Colleague

W. Norton Grubb, who died on January 15, 2015, was an influential scholar in the community college field and a dear friend of many at CCRC.

CCRC in the News
MAY 25, 2015
Two Glouco Schools Align to Make Road Map for Engineering Majors

Davis Jenkins is quoted in a Philadelphia Inquirer article on how a two-year and four-year college in New Jersey partnered to create a pathway to transfer and bachelor's degree attainment for engineering students.

MAY 21, 2015
Free Tuition Would Be Nice, but Is It What Community College Students Really Need?

Washington Post columnist Jay Mathews writes that living expenses and disorganized programs—not tuition—represent the biggest barriers to community college completion, citing CCRC's new book.

MAY 14, 2015
UConn Professors Have Discretion Over Rejecting Community College Credits

Davis Jenkins speaks on WNPR about the inefficiency of the credit transfer process, calling it "the biggest barrier to community college students who are seeking to transfer and get a bachelor's degree."

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