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CCRC Staff Members Earn Degrees From Teachers College

Four current and former CCRC staff members earned graduate degrees in May 2017 from Teachers College, Columbia University: Elizabeth Kopko, Vivian Yuen Ting Liu, Lara Pheatt, and Jasmine Sanders.

CCRC in the News
MAY 23, 2017
Trump’s Education Budget Takes Aim at the Working Class

​The Atlantic writes about education cuts in President Trump's proposed 2018 budget, quoting ​Judith Scott-Clayton on her research on the benefits of work-study programs. The budget would cut the program's funding nearly in half.

MAY 22, 2017
Advocates of Free College Score Wins at the State Level

Davis Jenkins is quoted in this Politico story about how the free college movement is finding momentum in the States.

MAY 22, 2017
An Affordable Pathway to a Bachelor's Degree

​Inside Higher Ed writes about a CCRC paper that examines whether it's still cheaper to start at a community college even with the loss of credits upon transfer and the lower chance of graduating.

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