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CCRC's Jenkins Makes the Business Case for Strengthening Transfer

In a new paper, one of five released by HCM Stategists' recently launched Maximizing Resources for Student Success project, Davis Jenkins and co-authors argue that strengthening transfer will increase affordability for both students and taxpayers.

CCRC in the News
AUGUST 25, 2014
Why Is Florida Ending Remedial Education for College Students?

In the National Journal, Thomas Bailey discusses the dearth of research evidence showing that developmental education has positive outcomes on student learning and graduation rates.

AUGUST 21, 2014
Workshops Work

In Inside Higher Ed, Nikki Edgecombe comments on a CUNY study that found students assigned to college-level statistics with a weekly workshop performed better than students assigned to remedial algebra, with or without a workshop.

AUGUST 20, 2014
Civitas Learning National Advisory Board Brings Deep Expertise in Technology, Analytics and Student Success Research

Davis Jenkins has joined the national advisory board for Civitas Learning, a company using predictive analytics technology to support student learning, persistence, and graduation.

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