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Dr. Jill Biden Calls for Research to Understand Student Lives in Address at CCRC 20th Anniversary

In her keynote presentation at CCRC's 20th anniversary event, Dr. Jill Biden emphasized the need for researchers to "document the lived experience of our students" and for colleges to offer wraparound services.

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JANUARY 17, 2017
Bernie Sanders' College Plan May Leave The Most Vulnerable Behind, Say These Experts

The plan for free tuition for low- and middle- income students at public colleges in New York should be coupled with a more comprehensive set of reforms, says Thomas Bailey in this story in Bustle.

JANUARY 17, 2017
Cuomo's Tuition-Free SUNY Plan Aimed at Forgotten Middle Class

The Times Union writes that the proposal for free tuition for some New York college students targets the middle class, quoting Thomas Bailey.

JANUARY 11, 2017
The 2017 RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings

Thomas Bailey, Judith Scott-Clayton, and Peter Bergman are listed in the 2017 RHSU Edu-Scholar rankings in Education Week, which recognize scholars "who are doing the most to influence educational policy and practice."

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