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CCRC Reflections: When the Center Imitated Life

This essay by Gregory Kienzl is the third in a series of short essays by former CCRC staff members who share thoughts about their time working at the Center. These essays will be posted on our website throughout CCRC’s 20th anniversary year.

CCRC in the News
MAY 23, 2016
Could a Tweet or a Text Increase College Enrollment or Student Achievement?

Peter Bergman writes about when nudges are effective and when they aren't in getting students to take steps to further their education.

MAY 23, 2016
With Less Money and Fewer Students, Community Colleges Compete With One Another

Melinda Karp talks to the Philadelphia Inquirer about a new level of competitiveness among community colleges who are facing falling enrollment.

MAY 23, 2016
Does Developmental Education Improve Labor Market Outcomes?

Di Xu writes in The EvoLLLution about her CAPSEE research with Michelle Hodara on the impact of developmental courses on jobs and earnings.

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