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NOVEMBER 02, 2016
Focused on the Finish

The Journal of College Admission writes in its fall 2016 edition about Ramapo College of New Jersey's efforts to implement Integrated Planning and Advising for Student Success (iPASS), quoting Melinda Mechur Karp.

OCTOBER 24, 2016
The Racial Disparity of the Student-Loan Crisis

A story in The Atlantic discusses the important findings of a new study by CCRC's Judith Scott-Clayton on racial gaps in student debt and the limitations in the data that inhibit the search for explanations.

OCTOBER 24, 2016
Postsecondary Trending Now: Early Days for iPASS Research

A blog for Next Generation Learning Challenges says a new iPASS literature review is "essential reading for institutional research officers at campuses that are considering embarking on an iPASS program."

OCTOBER 24, 2016
Student Debt May Be Contributing to Racial Inequality

Bloomberg looks at Judith Scott-Clayton's new research into racial gaps in student loan debt and questions whether debt pays off for Black students.

OCTOBER 21, 2016
Growing Racial Disparities in Student Debt

Graduate enrollment is a worthwhile investment but comes with more financial risk for Black students, writes Inside Higher Ed in a story about new research by Judith Scott-Clayton.

OCTOBER 21, 2016
Black College Students Graduate With More Debt Than White Peers—and Then the Gap Triples

Mic writes about Judith Scott-Clayton's new research into large Black/White gaps in student loan debt, which was published by Brookings.

OCTOBER 20, 2016
Black College Grads Owe Nearly Twice as Much Student Debt as Whites Four Years Out

The Wall Street Journal looks at the differences in student debt by race four years after college revealed in Judith Scott-Clayton's new study for Brookings.

OCTOBER 20, 2016
Recent Black College Graduates Owe Nearly $25,000 More Than White Grads

MarketWatch covers Judith Scott-Clayton's new research for Brookings on the growth in racial gaps in student debt and their origins, which stem partly from higher enrollment in for-profit graduate schools among Black bachelor's degree holders.

OCTOBER 17, 2016
New Evidence on Performance-Based Funding; Equity Measures Needed to Avoid Admissions Restrictions and Other Pitfalls for Low-Income Students

A blog post for the Center for Law and Social Policy highlights the potential unintended consequences of performance funding policies outlined in the new CCRC book Performance Funding for Higher Education.

OCTOBER 11, 2016
Limiting Choice?

Davis Jenkins talks about the advantages of transfer agreements between two- and four-year colleges in this story in Inside Higher Ed that looks at an exclusive agreement in New Jersey.

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