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Research and Tools for Redesigning Community College Programs for Completion

March 2012−August 2016

Learner-relationship management (LRM) systems track students’ progress through colleges. With this project, CCRC developed analytics and prototyped tools that community colleges could use to improve student progress tracking, advising, and program design as part of LRM systems. The analytics enable colleges to better understand issues related to students’ choices of programs of study, the timing of students’ entry into and completion of programs, course-taking patterns by program completers, baccalaureate transfer patterns, and the cost of completion for students in particular programs.

This project was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


Matching Talents to Careers: From Self-Directed to Guided Pathways
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Should Community College Students Earn an Associate Degree Before Transferring to a Four-Year Institution?
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JUNE 2015
Efficiency Gains in Community Colleges: Two Areas for Further Investigation
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APRIL 2015
DesignForScale: Helping States and Community Colleges Design for Transformative Change, Then Prioritize How to Start
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APRIL 2015
Major Switching: A Discussion of Major Declaration Patterns and Academic Outcomes
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MARCH 2015
Guiding Pathways to Higher Ed Completion
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