Teachers College, Columbia University

Transfers Need Love, Too: Targeted Advising for Transfer Students

Date and Time: October 15, 2018 10:30–11:30 AM
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Venue: Westin Indianapolis | Cabinet

This interactive, multimedia session explored how technology has been leveraged to design, implement, and deliver technology-mediated advising for at-risk students in a four-year, broad-access institution. Presenters shared fieldwork data and two semesters of first-hand experience around implementing a randomized control trial through which advising was further enhanced to provide targeted, strategic support to incoming at-risk transfer students. Through these enhancements, early findings indicate that targeted outreach and holistic advising sessions for these students positively influenced the student and advisor experience. In this conversational presentation, researchers and representatives from UNC Charlotte shared challenges, successes, and lessons learned.


Research Associate
Community College Research Center
LeeFredrick Bowen
Director for Academic Advising Systems
University of North Carolina, Charlotte

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