Teachers College, Columbia University

​​Transfer Matters: New Research on Transfer Types, Participation, Pathways, and Policy

Date and Time: February 08, 2018 8:30–9:30 AM
Location: Atlanta, GA
Venue: Lowes Atlanta Hotel | Ellington Ballroom

This panel discussion brought together editors and contributors of Community College Review’s special issue on transfer students.​ ​The idea for the special issue arose in ​a meeting held at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2016, where a group of scholars discussed the common and traditional set of policies and practices advanced to facilitate successful transfer: common core, course numbering, transferrable two-year degrees, and articulation agreements. What emerged was​ ​a discussion of new and innovative inquiry to advance understanding on transfer types, access and participation in transfer, effective pathways and partnerships, and transfer policy with the intent of informing future transfer student success efforts. Special issue editors and contributors​ ​shared insights from their work and engaged in discussion with conference participants seeking to improve practice or advance their own scholarship on transfer students.

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Mark D'Amico
Associate Editor
Community College Review
Matt Giani
Research Scientist
University of Texas at Austin
Debra Bragg
Director of Community College Research Initiatives
University of Washington
Jason Taylor
Assistant Professor of Higher Education
University of Utah
Senior Research Associate
Community College Research Center
Xueli Wang
Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy
University of Wisconsin–Madison
Research Affiliate
Community College Research Center