Teachers College, Columbia University

Building Stronger Evidence for Faculty Professional Development: Measuring Student Outcomes

Date and Time: April 15, 2021 4:30–5:30 PM EST
Location: Online

In this conversational roundtable, researchers discussed strategies for designing rigorous research on faculty development. To do so, researchers presented two studies that use student outcomes as a measure of faculty development effectiveness. The first paper examined the causal effects of faculty learning communities (FLCs) on students’ course performance and enrollment persistence in community colleges. The second was an ongoing project that uses course grades in community college developmental mathematics as a measure of the effectiveness of the lesson study professional development model. The professional development approaches studied across these projects share several characteristics: They all brought together small groups of faculty either a semester or an academic year to learn about and discuss common issues or problems of practice.

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Community College Research Center
Senior Research Associate and Program Lead
Community College Research Center
Lindsay A. Leasor
Senior Research Assistant

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