Teachers College, Columbia University

Mathematics Placement Trends and Innovations That Increase Equitable Access and Success

Date and Time: January 16, 2019 9:35–10:55 a.m.
Location: Baltimore, MD
Venue: Baltimore Convention Center

The placement of students into college-level mathematics classes is a topic of interest for higher education systems and has resulted in fundamental policy changes from state legislatures. In Florida, all remedial classes have been deemed optional. In California, multiple measures are now required for placement. In Texas, 75 percent of remedial students must be placed into corequisite credit-level courses. All of these trends are intended to increase equitable access and success in mathematics course work. This panel discussion covered the approaches that are sweeping the nation and the effects they are having on institutions and students.


Senior Research Scholar
Community College Research Center
David Bressoud
Mathematics Professor
Macalester College
John Hetts
Senior Director of Data Science
Educational Results Partnership
Uri Treisman
Executive Director
Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin

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