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Lessons Learned From Five Years of Developmental Education Acceleration

Date and Time: February 06, 2013 2:15–3:30 PM
Location: Anaheim, CA
Venue: Hilton Anaheim | Laguna A-B (4th floor)

This presentation examines Community College of Baltimore County’s models for acceleration, considers the most recent research from The Community College Research Center and other institutional research from CCBC on the effectiveness of the programs, and discusses the lessons CCBC and others have learned about acceleration and scale-up.

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Donna McKusick
Dean, Developmental Education and Special Academic Programs
The Community College of Baltimore County-Essex
Peter Adams
Professor of English and Director of Accelerated Learning
Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC)
Jean Ashby
Assistant Dean of Math
The Community College of Baltimore County
Sung-Woo Cho
Associate, Social and Economic Policy Division
Abt Associates

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