Teachers College, Columbia University

Guided Pathways: Redesigning College to Increase Equity in Persistence and Completion Rates

Date and Time: June 10, 2021 9:00–10:30 AM PST
Location: Online

This session at the Washington Student Achievement Council Pave the Way Conference explored the impact of guided pathways as a whole-college reform strategy to increase persistence and completion rates for students of color at community and technical colleges. The guided pathways model is supported by research that shows that scaling discrete interventions will not be sufficient to improve student success overall or close equity gaps; rather, colleges need to redesign programs, student services, information systems, and business process at scale, with a goal of enabling all students to better explore, choose, plan, and complete a program of study that enables them to advance in the labor market and further education. This session featured a presentation from the Community College Research Center (CCRC) that provided an overview of the research and latest findings. Attendees were encouraged to read CCRC's policy brief, Investing in Student Success at Community Colleges: Lessons from Research on Guided Pathways in advance. Following the presentation, faculty and college leadership offered perspectives on the implementation of Guided Pathways in Washington.

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Senior Research Scholar
Community College Research Center
Sierra Bray
Guided Pathways Student Fellow
Washington Student Achievement Council
Maggie Harada
Senior Associate Professor of English and Co-Lead of Guided Pathways
Bellevue College
Allison Kang
Professor of Biology and Co-Lead of Guided Pathways
Bellevue College
Jade Kanui Roque
Guided Pathways Student Fellow
Washington Student Achievement Council
Tomas Ybarra
Vice President for Instruction and Student Services
Yakima Valley Community College, WA