Teachers College, Columbia University

Adult Postsecondary Participation and Its Lasting Economic Impacts

Date and Time: November 08, 2019 10:15–11:15 a.m.
Location: Denver, CO
Venue: Sheraton Denver Downtown | Governor's Square 10

As part of a panel of papers exploring adult participation in postsecondary education and the long-term effects of that participation, CCRC Senior Research Scholar Judith Scott-Clayton discussed the paper "The Effect of Job Displacement on College Enrollment: Evidence from Ohio."

Displaced workers suffer large and persistent earnings losses. These losses can be mitigated by returning to school, yet the extent to which such workers enroll in post-secondary education in response to displacement is poorly understood. Using employer-employee matched administrative data from Ohio, researchers examine the enrollment patterns of workers displaced in a mass layoff or firm shutdown. They estimate that for every 100 displaced workers, only about 1 is induced to enroll in a public college within a year of displacement. They also find evidence that workers may anticipate a displacement event at their firm, as enrollment appears to begin rising in the quarters just prior to the displacement.


Senior Research Scholar
Community College Research Center

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