Teachers College, Columbia University


Due to the spread of COVID-19, CCRC's presentation schedule has changed. We will continue to publish updates related to conferences—including potential livestreams—here.

Title Date Conference Presenter
Seizing Twelfth Grade to Improve Math Readiness: Senior-Year Transition Courses 10/27/16 Quantitative Leap! Webinar Angela Boatman, Elisabeth A. Barnett, Pitt Turner, Pamela Burdman
Transforming Advising Within a Guided Pathways Context 09/30/16 Michigan Community College Association Student Success Summit Melinda Mechur Karp
Moving Beyond the Placement Test: Multiple Measures Assessment 07/14/16 Great Lakes Assessment Webinar Elisabeth A. Barnett, Rashida Welbeck
Redesigning a First Year Seminar for Sustained Impact 04/18/16 College Board Prepárate Katherine L. Hughes, Melinda Mechur Karp, Nancy Ritze, F. Javier Legasa
Making Labor Market Data Useful: In Practice not Theory 04/11/16 American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) Annual Convention Clive Belfield, Thomas Bailey
Dual Enrollment: The Big Picture 04/05/16 National Center for the Study of Collective Bargaining in Higher Education and the Professions Elisabeth A. Barnett, Alec Thomson, Kristin Klein Wheaton, Andy Sako, Cynthia Eaton
Getting to Results With Technology-Mediated Advising: Lessons From IPAS 03/20/16 League for Innovation in the Community College Annual Conference Jeffrey Fletcher, Christine Lemerande
Do Students Benefit From Going Backward? The Academic and Labor Market Consequences of Four- to Two-Year Transfer 03/19/16 Association for Education Finance and Policy (AEFP) Annual Conference Vivian Yuen Ting Liu
How High Schools and Colleges Can Share Responsibility for Student Success 02/25/16 Ready or Not: It’s Time to Rethink the 12th Grade Elisabeth A. Barnett, Michael Grady, Jenny Nagaoka, Joel Vargas
Transforming Advising: Lessons from IPAS 02/24/16 Achieving the Dream Annual Institute on Student Success Hoori Santikian Kalamkarian, Melinda Mechur Karp, Serena C. Klempin