Teachers College, Columbia University

Nicole L. Lorenzetti, Senior Research Assistant

Nicole L. Lorenzetti is a senior research assistant at CCRC focusing on developmental education broadly and multiple measures assessment specifically.

Lorenzetti holds an MS and an MPhil in educational psychology from Georgia State University and The Graduate Center, CUNY, respectively. She is currently a PhD candidate in educational psychology, with research focused on implicit racial bias in teachers and its effect on inequitable disciplinary rates in schools. She will defend her dissertation in March 2021.

Lorenzetti has more than a decade of experience in research and evaluation, including designing research studies; collecting and analyzing data; overseeing formative and summative evaluations; conducting fieldwork; and performing complex analyses of teacher, student, and school data. She also is a teacher educator in New York City at several institutions, where she teaches courses in educational psychology, urban education, research design and program evaluation, and data science. Prior to entering research and evaluation, Lorenzetti spent a decade working in arts education administration and teaching theatre.