Opportunities and Challenges of Long-Term Follow-Up Studies of Postsecondary Education Programs

May 16-18 2023, Time TBD

In this interactive discussion, you will hear from four researchers who have conducted long-term follow-up studies in postsecondary education using various methodologies. Long-term follow-up studies are becoming increasingly popular among educational researchers and funders. Importantly, these studies allow researchers and their practitioner partners to explore whether programs impact more distal student outcomes (like degree attainment or employment) which represent the ultimate goals of most educational interventions. However, while these studies are appealing and have the potential to inform policy, they also come with distinct challenges. Presenters will discuss the challenges and opportunities of longitudinal research and hold space for audience members to engage in a collaborative conversation.


Elizabeth Kopko, Senior Research Associate, CCRC

Susan Sepanik, Senior Associate, MDRC

Mike Weiss, Senior Fellow, MDRC

Kristina Zeiser, Principal Researcher, AIR

Nikki Edgecombe, Senior Research Scholar, CCRC