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League for Innovation in the Community College Annual Conference

March 12–15, 2017
San Francisco, CA
Implementing Guided Pathway Reforms: Lessons Learned From National Fieldwork
Leveraging Advising Technologies for Learning-Centered Interactions With Students
American Honors: Evaluation of a Community College Transfer Pathway Program
Unpacking the Transfer Playbook: How Colleges Can Improve Transfer Outcomes (League Annual Conference)
Student Voices: Perspectives on Guided Pathway Reforms
Early Insights From Achieving the Dream’s Adjunct Faculty Engagement Project
The Power of Integrating Reading and Writing for Developmental Students
Presentations at Prior Conferences
Assessing Students in Developmental English Courses: A Researcher–Practitioner Partnership
Getting to Results with Technology-Mediated Advising: Lessons from IPAS
Is This Better? Developmental Placement Reform in Four States
Assessing Learning to Improve Instruction in Developmental Mathematics
Examining Access to College-Level Courses
Improving Transfer Student Bachelor's Completion: Lessons from the Field
A New Approach to Student Intake and Advising in Chicago
Multiple Measures Assessment for Placement: How It Looks in the Real World
Are Reforms Taking Root? Social Analysis as an Evaluation Tool
Teaching Integrated Reading and Writing: Faculty Experiences With Reform
Stepping Up: Researching the Next Generation of Developmental Education Reforms
Early Findings From Statewide Developmental Education Reform in Virginia and Florida
Using Evidence and Data Analysis to Scale Instructional Reform
Redesigning America's Community Colleges: Why Colleges Need Institution-Wide Change, and What It Looks Like in Practice
Reimagining the Role of Professional Development in Community College
Student Engagement and Learning in Computer-Mediated Developmental Math Courses
Early Findings From the Analysis of Statewide Developmental Education Reform
Reinventing the Student Entry Process Through Distributed Leadership
Modularized Developmental Math Curricula: Implications for Teaching and Learning
Engaging Faculty in Reform: Building Buy-In, Supporting Instructional Improvement