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American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting

Understanding Literacy of Low-Skilled Adults Using Multiple Measures
How and When Do Students Select Majors? Understanding the Decision-Making Process
Legitimacy Through Deliberation: Viewing Higher Education Negotiated Rule-Making Through the Lens of Deliberative Democratic Theory
Presentations at Prior Conferences
We're in This Together: Emerging K–16 Partnerships and Strategies to Reduce College Remediation
Reading, Writing and Self-Efficacy of College Developmental Education Students
Pell Grants as Performance-Based Aid? An Examination of Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements
Learning to Teach Integrated Reading and Writing: Community College Faculty Experiences with Reform
Classifying STEM Programs in Community Colleges to Develop a State-Level Middle-Skill STEM Workforce Strategy
Student Attitudes Towards Technology-Mediated Advising Systems
Preparing Students in Developmental Math for College and Beyond: An Assessment of Student Understandings
Leadership for Transformative Change: Lessons from Technology-Based Reform in Broad-Access Colleges
What We Talk About When We Talk About Modularization: Implications of Modularization for Student Learning and Success in Developmental Education
Faculty-Led Reform in Developmental Arithmetic: A Case Study of One Community College
Obstacles and Unintended Impacts: A Study of Performance Funding at Community Colleges in Three States
Presidential Session: Innovations in Access to and Success in College
Performance Funding: What Policy Instruments and Theories of Action Underlie This Popular Higher Education Policy?
Performance Funding and Organizational Learning in Higher Education
Presidential Session: The Contributions of Research and Evaluation to the Educational Innovation Ecosystem
Examining Classroom Interactions in Computer-Mediated Developmental Mathematics
Strengthening Developmental Education Reform: Evidence on Implementation Efforts
The Returns to a Community College Education for Developmental Education Students
Political Strategies for Regulatory Policy Making: Exercising Power in the Federal Rule-Making Process for Higher Education
The Political Origins of "Performance Funding 2.0": Theoretical Perspectives and Comparisons to Performance Funding 1.0
Navigating a Sea of Choices: The Community College Student Perspective
Faculty Learning for Instructional Improvement: Supporting New Ways of Teaching in Developmental Education
The Heterogeneous Effects of English as a Second Language Compared to Developmental English Coursework
Doing Developmental Math Differently: A Case Study of Community College Pre-Statistics Reform