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Association for Education Finance and Policy (AEFP) Annual Conference

March 15–17, 2018
Portland, OR
Timing Matters: Examining the Earnings Trajectories of Delayed College Enrollees
The Unintended Mission of Community Colleges: Enrollment Patterns, Academic Outcomes, and Labor Market Returns of Reverse Transfer Students
Better Together? Social Networks in Truancy and the Targeting of Treatment
Unintended Consequences? Early Program Planning, Major Selection, and Major-Switching Among Community College Students
Presentations at Prior Conferences
What Are the Effects of Year-Round Pell Grants on Short-Term Academic Outcomes and Employment During College?
Layoff, Lemons, and Faculty Quality: Can You Recognize an Effective Adjunct Faculty When You Recruit One?
Financial Aid, Debt Management, and Socioeconomic Outcomes: Long-Run Effects of the WV PROMISE
College Access and Success for Historically Disadvantaged Populations
A Closer Look at Articulation Agreements: Bilateral Support of the AAS
College Access, Enrollment, and Student Loans
Can High School Transition Courses Help Students Avoid College Remediation?
Do Students Benefit From Going Backward? The Academic and Labor Market Consequences of Four- to Two-Year Transfer
Closing the Gender and Race Gaps in STEM: Does Student-Instructor Demographic Match Matter in College?
How Should Colleges Implement Modularized Developmental Math Courses? Estimating the Effectiveness of Multi-Module Shell Courses Against Standalone Module Courses
Estimating the Effects of High School Transition Courses on College Academic Success: A Regression Discontinuity and Difference-in-Differences Approach
Assessing the Impact of Pell Grants on Community College Students: Preliminary Evidence
Noncredit Vocational Education in Community Colleges: Students, Enrollment Patterns, and Academic Outcomes
More Credentials, More Pay? The Labor Market Returns to Stackable Credentials in Community Colleges
The Impact of Performance Standards on Pell Students' Academic and Labor Market Outcomes