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CCRC in the News

NOVEMBER 30, 2019

One Way to Graduate College With Less Debt

CCRC Senior Research Scholar Davis Jenkins discussed the benefits of taking college classes while in high school in this CNBC story about a dual enrollment program in Louisiana. 

NOVEMBER 14, 2019

CSCU's Transfer Ticket to Nowhere

In this op-ed, John Mullane, the president and founder of College Transfer Solutions, describes the challenges students in Connecticut face when they try to transfer from a community college to a four-year institution. He cites CCRC's Tracking Transfer report to make the case that Connecticut should institute new policies to help students navigate this process.

NOVEMBER 11, 2019

Majority of American Teenagers Believe a High School Diploma Is Enough to Succeed

A recent poll of teens and young adults found that many young Americans believe they don't need a postsecondary education to get a good job. But in this Market Watch story, CCRC Director Thomas Brock pushed back against the idea that a high school diploma is enough to reach the American middle class. This story, which was written by the Associated Press, was published by several other outlets across the country, including USA Today.

OCTOBER 30, 2019

A Certificate, Then a Degree

This EducationNext story focuses on how certificate programs can act as stepping stones to success and help students complete credentials. The piece mentions a CCRC paper about the value of such programs.

OCTOBER 29, 2019

Tri-C Highlighted for its Work in Creating Career, Academic Pathways for Students

This Crain's Cleveland Business story describes CCRC's case study of Cuhayoga Community College's efforts to implement guided pathways. Tri-C has implemented practices at scale to a significant extent. 

OCTOBER 29, 2019

Use of Part-Timers Driving Down Student Success at Community Colleges

CCRC's September working paper on adjunct faculty explores how part-time versus full-time instructors impact students' current and subsequent course outcomes. This Campus Technology story summarizes the researchers' findings.  

OCTOBER 25, 2019

Tri-C Lauded by Report on Guided Pathways

This News-Herald story details CCRC's September case study on guided pathways implementation at Cuyahoga Community College in Ohio, which focused on how the college engaged stakeholders from across the campus community. 

OCTOBER 25, 2019

Sultan: A Path for Community Colleges to Lead the Country

Maria Cormier discussed the diversity of community college students in this St. Louis Post-Dispatch column.

OCTOBER 10, 2019

Helping Low-Income Students Navigate College

Intensive and highly targeted college preparation programs can help a small number of first-generation students excel, but they aren't enough to boost overall graduation rates, CCRC Senior Research Scholar Elisabeth Barnett told The New York Times.

OCTOBER 09, 2019

As California Law Looks to End Remedial Education, New Studies Show State’s Community Colleges Showing Uneven Progress in Adopting Math & English Reforms

CCRC Senior Research Associate Jessica Brathwaite spoke to The 74 for this piece on the impact of California's law mandating that community colleges significantly reduce the number of students in developmental education.