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AUGUST 08, 2019

The Truth About Student Debt: It's Bad, But That's No Reason To Avoid Loans

CCRC Senior Research Scholar Judith Scott-Clayton spoke to Newsweek for its cover story on the realities of student loan debt. Among other topics, Scott-Clayton touched on the challenges faced by borrowers with the least amount of debt, as well as the troubling racial patterns among student loan defaulters. 

AUGUST 07, 2019

Tech Not a Cure-all in Student Advising

Researchers from CCRC and MDRC studied how the expansion of advising technologies and new communication strategies affected three institutions. This Campus Technology story describes their findings. 

AUGUST 05, 2019

Report: Gates Foundation’s College Advising Initiative Had Little Impact on Students

This EdSurge story describes CCRC and MDRC's new report on iPASS, which found that the advising initiatve has not bolstered student outcomes in a meaningful way. 

JULY 31, 2019

Too Few Guidance Counselors, Too Little Information: Why Community College Might Be the Best Path for High School Graduates — But They’ll Never Know It

High school guidance counselors play a crucial role in helping students figure out their postsecondary plans. Without them, students may miss the opportunities offered by their local community college, CCRC Senior Research Scholar Elisabeth Barnett told The 74.

JULY 22, 2019

Report: Early Momentum Metrics Predict Outcomes for CC Students

This Campus Technology article summarizes CCRC's new brief on early momentum metrics, which examines how well nine measures of students' first-year progress predict longer-term success and the effectiveness of institutional reforms. 

JULY 18, 2019

All the Ways Student Debt Exacerbates Racial Inequality: ‘It’s Like Landing in Quick Sand’

CCRC Senior Research Scholar Judith Scott-Clayton weighed-in for this story on the intersection of systemic racism and student loan debt, telling MarketWatch that for students of color, taking out college loans is a significant risk. 

JULY 17, 2019

Expanding Interest in the Humanities

This Community College Daily story describes how several community colleges around the country are engaging students in the liberal arts. It highlights CCRC's June briefs, which outline the state of the humanities in community colleges.  

JULY 08, 2019

Brewing Battle Over Pell Grants

Congress is considering expanding Pell Grants to short-term job training programs, but CCRC Senior Research Scholar Davis Jenkins told Inside Higher Ed that the credentials students earn from such programs aren't worth the cost of public investment.  

JUNE 27, 2019

Associate Degrees in Liberal Arts Are on the Rise, Study Finds

This Education Dive story summarizes CCRC's new short report on the state of liberal arts in community colleges. CCRC Research Affiliate Clive Belfield explained the relationship between automation and the popularity of humanities degrees. 

JUNE 26, 2019

Expanding Beyond NYC’s 5 Boroughs

Innovation abounds at the City University of New York, and colleges around the country are taking notice. In this Inside Higher Ed story, CCRC Director Thomas Brock and CCRC Senior Research Associate Maria Cormier discuss some of the CUNY programs that are being replicated on other campuses, as well as CCRC's work evaluating its Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) model.