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CCRC in the News

FEBRUARY 23, 2018

Technology-assisted advising can help improve student success, but colleges need to be aware of the potential for reinforcing preexisting biases, says​ Hoori Santikian Kalamkarian in this EdSurge story about the Achieving the Dream conference.

FEBRUARY 14, 2018

Judith Scott-Clayton talks with Inside Higher Ed about the impact of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's budget on higher education and the new Excelsior Scholarship.

FEBRUARY 07, 2018

​Davis Jenkins talks with Community College Daily about the progress of Michigan community colleges in implementing guided pathways reforms.

FEBRUARY 05, 2018

​Davis Jenkins talks with Inside Higher Ed about the importance of integrating career and transfer programs at community colleges in response to the push for more vocational education.

JANUARY 25, 2018

Several news organizations including MarketWatch wrote about Judith Scott-Clayton's latest report for Brookings' Evidence Speaks series, which discusses new, longer-term data on debt and default and reveals that default rates are rising but need to be broken down to see where the real crisis lies.

JANUARY 19, 2018

The public radio program Marketplace interviews Davis Jenkins and Clive Belfield for this story based on CCRC research into dual enrollment.

JANUARY 11, 2018

EdSource talks to Kevin Dougherty about performance funding and Shanna Smith Jaggars about her CCRC research on online education for a story on the California governor's budget proposal, which seeks to add incentives for graduating more students and proposes an online college.

JANUARY 04, 2018

How should a college approach the problem of improving the transfer process for its students when it is in a market full of universities? Campus Technology writes about ​a CCRC study on Macomb Community College.​

JANUARY 03, 2018

Campus Technology writes about a recent CAPR report on the use of technology in developmental education and recommendations for making it more effective.

DECEMBER 07, 2017

The Hechinger Report writes about the shift in financial aid to benefit students with more financial resources, citing CAPSEE research on the Federal Work-Study Program.