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CCRC in the News

MAY 17, 2019

Report on Demise of a Public-Private Partnership

What happened to American Honors? The program, created by the company Quad Learning and community colleges, aimed to help high-achieving community college students transfer to selective four-year schools. It didn't last. The program's history is detailed in a new CCRC working paper, the findings of which are described in this Inside Higher Ed story. 

MAY 14, 2019

Fewer Kids Are Choosing College

Colleges around the country are contending with a dip in enrollment, and this Bloomberg News opinion piece describes several potential explanations for the downturn, including that many young people entering the workforce have plans to pursue higher education eventually. The article cites a paper written by CCRC Research Associate Yuxin Lin and Postdoctoral Research Associate Vivian Liu that found students who delay college enrollment make less in the long run than those who go straight from high school to college. 

MAY 07, 2019

Warren Zeroes In on Race

Democratic Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren is attempting to address the racial disparities that riddle the student debt crisis. CCRC Senior Research Scholar Judith Scott-Clayton told Inside Higher Ed that Warren's proposal to cancel most student loans is notable because it includes an analysis of how it would affect different subgroups. 

MAY 06, 2019

What Math Do Students Need to Know?

This Community College Daily story provides a broad overview of several devolpmental math reforms, including multiple measures placement, math pathways, and Leson Study. Senior Research Associate Susan Bickerstaff and Senior Research Scholar Nikki Edgecombe are included in the piece.

MAY 02, 2019

Selecting Courses for Students

A community college in California is flipping course selection upside down and creating schedules for students rather than allowing them to pick classes for themselves. CCRC Senior Research Scholar Davis Jenkins told Inside Higher Ed that the extra guidance would likely be a welcome change. 

APRIL 25, 2019

Governor Got Free Community College, Wants More

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo’s proposal to expand tuition-free community college in her state would make adult students eligible for the benefit. CCRC Director Thomas Brock discussed the plan, which referred to as “novel,” with Inside Higher Ed.

APRIL 24, 2019

California’s Newest College Will Blend Online and Face-to-Face Job Training

A new community college in California is going all in on workforce development and job training for underemployed adults. CCRC Research Affiliate James Jacobs spoke to EdSource about the school's educational delivery model and potential for success.

FEBRUARY 28, 2019

Online Courses Are Cost Effective but Detrimental to Learning, Researchers Find

This Pacific Standard story quotes CCRC Research Affiliate Shanna Smith Jaggars on online courses. She said online options are sometimes offered to boost enrollments, even if community college leaders know the courses are less effective for students.

APRIL 18, 2019

Four Ways Community Colleges Are Tackling Student Success with Fewer Resources

 Community colleges are employing several strategies to boost student success in the face of declining enrollments and shrinking budgets. This Education Dive story describes four such reforms, including guided pathways.

APRIL 15, 2019

Pathways Requires a Cultural Shift

This Community College Daily story details a presentation CCRC researchers led on guided pathways at the American Association of Community Colleges’ 2019 conference. “We have to stop thinking about the idea that students are lacking in skills and knowledge when what they lack is confidence as learners,” Senior Research Scholar Davis Jenkins said during the presentation.