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The Mixed Methods Blog

Perspectives from our researchers, highlights from recent studies, and other news about CCRC

How Does Access to Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement Vary by Race and Gender Across States?


John Fink uses newly released data from the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights to look at disparities in access to dual enrollment and Advanced Placement by race and gender. An interactive data visualization shows the breakdown of participation by race and gender in each state.

Letter From CCRC Director Thomas Brock

Thomas Brock, CCRC director

Thomas Brock, who assumed the role of CCRC director on September 1, reflects on CCRC's current work and emerging priorities and invites stakeholders in the field to share suggestions or feedback.

Assessing College Readiness Using Multiple Measures: Is It Better for Students?

Assessing College Readiness Using Multiple Measures: Is It Better for Students?

Elisabeth Barnett describes the major takeaways from a newly released CAPR report that examines early outcomes from a study of alternative placement systems at seven community colleges in the State University of New York system.

New Insights for Guided Pathways Reforms From Research on Community College Student Momentum


Recent research is helping to identify the academic behaviors and college practices associated with community college students who achieve momentum in STEM fields and providing new insights for the growing number of community colleges implementing guided pathways reforms, write Davis Jenkins and John Fink.

Turning Research Into Action


Melinda Karp, a former assistant director of CCRC, writes about how colleges can turn research into institution-specific reforms through a detailed planning process that determines what reform strategies might work and how they will play out day to day.