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How Guided Pathways Can Reform Career and Technical Education

How Guided Pathways Can Reform Career and Technical Education

James Jacobs discusses how strengthening the relationship between guided pathways reforms and career-technical education can improve both, as colleges refocus their programs on skills that are valued in the current job market.

CCRC Reflections: The Center 20 Years Later

CCRC 20-year logoThis is the seventh in a series of short essays by former CCRC staff members who share thoughts about their time working at the Center. These essays will be posted on our website throughout CCRC’s 20th anniversary year.

James Jacobs Wins ACCT Chief Executive Officer Award for Central Region

James Jacobs, the president of Macomb Community College in Warren, Michigan, and a board member of CCRC, has been recognized by the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) with the 2016 Chief Executive Officer Award for the Central Region.

CCRC Board Member Honored for Nonprofit Leadership

James JacobsCCRC board member and former CCRC Associate Director Jim Jacobs was recently named winner of the 2013 Mariam C. Noland Award for Nonprofit Leadership.

CCRC Advisory Board Member James Jacobs Is Inaugurated as President of Macomb Community College

The inauguration of James Jacobs as Macomb Community College's fifth president took place on March 30, 2009.