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Annual Newsletter

CCRC's annual newsletter features a director's column in which CCRC Director Thomas Bailey highlights salient issues from CCRC's recent research. Each edition also contains updates on CCRC research, publications, and presentations at major conferences.



In CCRC's 2018 newsletter, Thomas Bailey discusses issues colleges should attend to as they implement guided pathways in order to ensure that these reforms help close equity gaps.


In the 2017 newsletter, Director Thomas Bailey discusses how CAPSEE research has contributed to the understanding of the value of investing in a college education.


In the 2016 newsletter, CCRC Director Thomas Bailey writes about the growth and influence of the guided pathways model.


In the 2015 newsletter, Director Thomas Bailey argues for comprehensive reform using a guided pathways approach.


In the 2014 newsletter, Director Thomas Bailey argues that comprehensive reform has the potential to move the needle on college completion.