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American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting

April 3–7, 2014
Philadelphia, PA
Faculty-Led Reform in Developmental Arithmetic: A Case Study of One Community College
What We Talk About When We Talk About Modularization: Implications of Modularization for Student Learning and Success in Developmental Education
Obstacles and Unintended Impacts: A Study of Performance Funding at Community Colleges in Three States
Presidential Session: Innovations in Access to and Success in College
Performance Funding: What Policy Instruments and Theories of Action Underlie This Popular Higher Education Policy?
Performance Funding and Organizational Learning in Higher Education
Presidential Session: The Contributions of Research and Evaluation to the Educational Innovation Ecosystem
Examining Classroom Interactions in Computer-Mediated Developmental Mathematics
The Returns to a Community College Education for Developmental Education Students
Political Strategies for Regulatory Policy Making: Exercising Power in the Federal Rule-Making Process for Higher Education
Strengthening Developmental Education Reform: Evidence on Implementation Efforts
Presentations at Prior Conferences
The Political Origins of "Performance Funding 2.0": Theoretical Perspectives and Comparisons to Performance Funding 1.0
Navigating a Sea of Choices: The Community College Student Perspective
The Heterogeneous Effects of English as a Second Language Compared to Developmental English Coursework
Faculty Learning for Instructional Improvement: Supporting New Ways of Teaching in Developmental Education
Doing Developmental Math Differently: A Case Study of Community College Pre-Statistics Reform
Two Worlds of State Performance Accountability
Bridging College and Careers: Using Dual Enrollment to Enhance Career and Technical Education Pathways
The Effects of Developmental Education and ESL on Language Minority Community College Students
Accelerating Community College Students' Progression Through Developmental Education: Does It Work?
Unpacking Online Outcomes: Applying Research to Improve the Online Community College Learning Experience
Assessment and Placement for Incoming Community College Students: Developments & Innovations in 8 Different States
Reading and Writing Intervention for Community College Developmental Education Students
Measuring Student Success
Thinking Outside the Box: Which Student Supports Are Necessary in High-Expectation High-Need Schools?
Assessment and Placement in Community Colleges: Policies, Practices, and Student Outcomes
Determinants of Students' Success: The Role of Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment Programs
Washington State's I-BEST Program
How Does Intensity of Work While Studying Affect Academic Achievement of Community College Students?
Key Experiences That Predict Success in College Among Students in Middle-Early College High Schools
Promoting College Access Among Underrepresented and Underprepared Students Through Supportive Career-Technical Dual Enrollment Programs