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SEPTEMBER 06, 2016
Understudied Barriers to Transfer

In an op-ed for Inside Higher Ed, CCRC's Davis Jenkins and John Fink explore three barriers to college transfer that have received less attention from researchers or practitioners yet may be major obstacles to transfer student success.

AUGUST 31, 2016
How Free College Can Affect You Later in Life

MarketWatch writes about a new NBER study in which Judith Scott-Clayton explores how a scholarship program in West Virginia affects students' economic success later in life.

AUGUST 30, 2016
What’s the Right Public Message About Going to College?

The Chronicle of Higher Education writes about the complexities in college outcomes, citing CAPSEE research by Judith Scott-Clayton.

AUGUST 22, 2016
LI's High-Volume Community Colleges Face Tough Mandate

In Newsday, Davis Jenkins talks about the importance of providing structured pathways to a degree for community college students.

AUGUST 22, 2016
Stuck at Square One: College Students Increasingly Caught in Remedial Education Trap

A documentary by APM Reports explores how remedial courses often fail to help students—particularly students of color—progress to college-level courses. The story draws on several CCRC research studies.

AUGUST 18, 2016
Speeding It Up

Community College Week writes about the growing body of evidence supporting efforts to encourage students to take more credits early in college, including a recent CCRC study.

AUGUST 16, 2016
What Does It Take to Get Students Ready for College?

Important questions remain about what makes an effective high school-to-college transition course, write CCRC's Elisabeth Barnett and Elizabeth Ganga in The Hechinger Report.

AUGUST 05, 2016
Bringing Adjuncts to the Table

Inside Higher Ed writes about CCRC's project with Achieving the Dream to help community colleges bring adjunct faculty into college reform efforts.

JULY 28, 2016
Leveraging Faculty Expertise to Drive Student Success

Community College Daily writes about CCRC's work with Achieving the Dream to assist six colleges from Washington to Virginia to strengthen their relationships with their adjunct faculties to encourage instructional reform.

JULY 28, 2016
Engaging Adjuncts in Reform Efforts

In this commentary for Community College Daily, CCRC's Susan Bickerstaff and Nikki Edgecombe write about a new project with Achieving the Dream to bring adjunct faculty into college reform efforts.

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