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FEBRUARY 28, 2017
Colorado's Part-Time Professors Brace For Another Year With No Raise

Florence Ran explains the consequences for students of colleges' use of large numbers of adjunct professors in this story by KUNC public radio about the fight by Colorado adjuncts for higher pay.

FEBRUARY 27, 2017
Goodbye College Advising, Hello College Coaching

Melinda Mechur Karp discusses the promise of an iPASS advising redesign in this story about the Achieving the Dream conference in EdSurge.

FEBRUARY 27, 2017
Tennessee Finds Remedial Education Reform Success

Diverse: Issues in Higher Education writes about CCRC's Maggie Fay's new paper comparing computer-mediated remedial math in high schools and colleges in Tennessee.

FEBRUARY 23, 2017
3 Short-Term Measures for Showing Whether College Reform Will Work

This story in Campus Technology discusses a recent CCRC paper that lays out three metrics to predict if college transformation initiatives are taking hold.

FEBRUARY 23, 2017
Community Colleges Look to Replicate CUNY’s Accelerated Strategy

Davis Jenkins talks about the expense of recreating CUNY's ASAP program at other colleges in this story in The Wall Street Journal.

FEBRUARY 21, 2017
To Ease Transfer Hurdles, Colleges Share Data and Overhaul Curriculum

Davis Jenkins talks about the difference between articulation agreements on paper and real relationships between colleges to help students transfer in this story in EdSurge.

FEBRUARY 17, 2017
Transfer Trailblazers in Higher Ed

Davis Jenkins says community colleges and universities need to put time and effort into developing relationships to facilitate transfer in this story in University Business.

FEBRUARY 13, 2017
As Community Colleges ‘Have Their Moment,’ Leaders Face Tough Challenges

In a story in EdSurge, Melinda Mechur Karp says, despite funding challenges, community colleges are well positioned because they address the need for access to education and career training.

FEBRUARY 08, 2017
Why Making College Free Is So Difficult

MarketWatch writes about the criticism that tuition-free college in New York would not help more students graduate without more investment, quoting Judith Scott-Clayton.

FEBRUARY 08, 2017
CCRC Researcher Participates in Statewide Meeting on Integrated Reading and Writing

In December 2016, CCRC senior research associate Susan Bickerstaff participated in the Statewide Integrated Reading and Writing Conference sponsored by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

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