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JUNE 07, 2016
Reverse Transfers Yield Positive Outcomes for Struggling Students

Education Dive looks at a new CAPSEE study on the effects of reverse transfer from four- to two-year colleges on the success of struggling students.

JUNE 06, 2016
Report: Students Benefit by Leaving 4-Year Colleges for 2-Year Degrees

Red Alert Politics reports on a CAPSEE study on the outcomes for students with lower GPAs who leave four-year colleges for community college.

JUNE 06, 2016
From 4-Year to 2-Year

Inside Higher Ed reports on a CAPSEE paper that finds reverse transfer helps struggling students. Comparing struggling students who transfer with those who did not, Senior Research Assistant Vivian Liu found that reverse transfer students earned the same numbers of bachelor's degrees and more degrees overall.

JUNE 02, 2016
Community College Education Outcomes

Postdoctoral Research Associate Jessica Brathwaite is interviewed on Getting In: A College Coach Conversation on VoiceAmerica about developmental education and its impact on students.

JUNE 01, 2016
Smooth the Path From Two- to Four-Year Colleges

In an op-ed for The Seattle Times, Davis Jenkins of CCRC and Josh Wyner of the Aspen Institute write about a partnership between Washington colleges that led to better transfer outcomes for students. The partnership was one of those featured in CCRC and Aspen's new Transfer Playbook.

MAY 26, 2016
Technology-Mediated Transformation: Lessons From the Field

CCRC Assistant Director Melinda Karp reflects on what has been learned over four years of studying institutional transformation for Taskstream's blog.

MAY 26, 2016
Determining a Student's Place

Elisabeth Barnett talks to Inside Higher Ed about the growing use of multiple measures rather than placement tests alone to decide if students need developmental education.

MAY 25, 2016
The Economic Benefits of Community College Certificates in the Job Market

Journalist's Resource reports on a CAPSEE study by Di Xu and Madeline Trimble that helps fill the gap in information on the economic returns to certificates.

MAY 23, 2016
Could a Tweet or a Text Increase College Enrollment or Student Achievement?

Peter Bergman writes about when nudges are effective and when they aren't in getting students to take steps to further their education.

MAY 23, 2016
With Less Money and Fewer Students, Community Colleges Compete With One Another

Melinda Karp talks to the Philadelphia Inquirer about a new level of competitiveness among community colleges who are facing falling enrollment.

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