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Director Thomas Bailey was awarded the President's Medal at the June 19 commencement ceremonies of Guttman Community College in Manhattan.

Four current and former CCRC staff members earned graduate degrees in May 2017 from Teachers College, Columbia University: Elizabeth Kopko, Vivian Yuen Ting Liu, Lara Pheatt, and Jasmine Sanders.

Di Xu and Madeline Joy Trimble have won the 2017 AEFP–Kauffman Foundation Award for their CAPSEE paper What About Certificates? Evidence on the Labor Market Returns to Non-Degree Community College Awards in Two States.

This blog post by John Fink presents an interactive tool showing the complexity of student transfer paths, even among those who were successful in completing a bachelor's degree.

CCRC stands by the ideal that public colleges should serve everyone who lives in the United States, and that institutions cannot fulfill their missions unless all of their students, staff, and faculty are supported, safe, and respected.

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