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In partnership with Education Northwest (EdNW), CCRC will test the usability of Lesson Study among instructors teaching developmental mathematics at three community colleges in Oregon.



Using interview, focus group, and case study data, this paper documents the perceptions and experiences of faculty members in the midst of statewide reform efforts in Virginia and North Carolina to integrate developmental reading and writing courses.

PUBLICATION August 2017 Susan Bickerstaff & Julia Raufman

This paper explores similarities and dissimilarities of higher education policies in England and the United States with an eye to what each country can learn from the other regarding the reduction of social class and racial/ethnic differences in higher education access and success.

PUBLICATION August 2017 Kevin Dougherty & Claire Callender

Based on a mixed-methods study at six colleges, this brief examines the domestic population served by American Honors; its key programmatic features; and community college student, faculty, and staff perspectives on the program.

PUBLICATION July 2017 Shanna Smith Jaggars, Markeisha Grant, Maggie P. Fay & Negar Farakish

This review draws from the experiences of colleges awarded the Kisco Foundation’s Kohlberg Prize to highlight the practical and philosophical challenges involved in creating integrated services for student veterans.

PUBLICATION July 2017 Melinda Mechur Karp & Serena Klempin

Using interview data from students at three community colleges, this paper examines shifts in confidence that students experience early in their college careers.

PUBLICATION July 2017 Susan Bickerstaff, Melissa Barragan & Zawadi Rucks-Ahidiana

This paper employs a difference-in-difference approach to examine the credit, credential completion, and labor market outcomes resulting from the year-round Pell using a state administrative dataset from a community college system.

PUBLICATION July 2017 Vivian Yuen Ting Liu