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This APPAM poster session investigates the effect that earning an associate degree has on bachelor degree attainment.

PRESENTATION November 2014

This article provides an overview of sociology’s approach to understanding community colleges. The authors describe sociological theories and their contributions to the field, and discuss the discipline's recent debates regarding community colleges.

PUBLICATION October 2014 Lauren Schudde & Sara Goldrick-Rab

This study examines three developmental acceleration programs—two in English and one in math—and finds that accelerated students were more likely to complete the relevant college-level course within 3 years.

PUBLICATION October 2014 Shanna Smith Jaggars, Michelle Hodara, Sung-Woo Cho & Di Xu

2014 panel discussion on New York's community colleges and completion.


This chapter describes a promising approach to teaching developmental arithmetic and prealgebra and presents findings on a faculty support network that helped instructors adopt new teaching strategies.

PUBLICATION September 2014 Susan Bickerstaff, Barbara Lontz, Maria Scott Cormier & Di Xu

This CAPSEE plenary session examines how research can inform policymaking. 

PRESENTATION September 2014

This CAPSEE plenary session examines how students balance the short-term investment of a college education with a long-term market payoff, and how policy can help.

PRESENTATION September 2014