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This APPAM poster session investigates the effect that earning an associate degree has on bachelor degree attainment.

PRESENTATION November 2014

2014 panel discussion on New York's community colleges and completion.


This CAPSEE plenary session examines how research can inform policymaking. 

PRESENTATION September 2014

This CAPSEE plenary session examines how students balance the short-term investment of a college education with a long-term market payoff, and how policy can help.

PRESENTATION September 2014

This CAPSEE plenary session addresses issues pertaining to the use of labor market outcomes as a measure of performance in performance funding.

PRESENTATION September 2014

This CAPSEE opening session examines research on the economic returns to a college education and discusses ongoing work to strengthen high-return pathways for students.

PRESENTATION September 2014

Conference guests are invited to attend CAPSEE's informal reception.

PRESENTATION September 2014

This study examines how well students adapt to the online environment in terms of their ability to persist and earn strong grades in online courses relative to their ability to do so in face-to-face courses.

PUBLICATION September 2014 Di Xu & Shanna Smith Jaggars